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Introducing USB Delivery – Perfect Moment Films Wedding Videography

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Hello everybody and Happy New Year to all our couples new and old from Perfect Moment Films Wedding Videography. We hope 2017 has been great for you so far!

Here at Perfect Moment Films, we’re constantly striving to make our customers wedding film experience the best it can possibly be, whether that be in our customer service and communication, our standard of films or in our final product delivery.

It is with this in mind that we are excited to be now fully introducing USB and Online delivery to all of our wedding videography clients for the 2017 season onwards!

What is USB delivery?

The delivery of films via a USB stick is the delivery method for many companies now within the wedding videography world. Technology over the last 5-6 years has rapidly developed, especially in the TV/Computer and Mobile Phone sectors, with the introduction of streaming services (such as Apple TV, Amazon Prime and Netflix/Youtube) and digital download via platforms such as iTunes.

It is this development in technology that has led to the decline of the now old (but much loved!) DVD disc. So much so, that within 10 years time, it’s seen as unlikely that DVD’s will still be produced.

Instead, the trend is now to deliver wedding films via a USB stick, as they have many advantages over the DVD and are a much quicker and easier form of delivery.

What are the advantages of USB delivery over DVD?

There are many advantages of USB delivery over that of DVD. These are as following:

They’re more robust, much harder to damage and cannot become scratched over time or easily snapped.
They’re more future proof – The delivery of films via a USB stick involves placing the full HD files straight onto the USB, therefore resulting in minimal loss in quality from export to viewing. With DVD, the picture quality is only standard definition, resulting in a much poorer viewing experience.
They can be played almost anywhere – Most modern televisions and computers/laptops have USB inserts on them, meaning that it’s simply a case of plugging in and playing the files with much more ease. Again, with the quality of the picture being full high definition.
They’re small and compact.
You can copy the files on them to any computer OR other USB with ease. Unlike DVD’s where you may have to copy and burn multiple DVD’s for others, with USB, you can copy the files straight from them onto any computer or USB, allowing for much easier sharing between family and friends.

What if I have family members who can’t play/use USB’s?
This is totally fine! We understand that some family members, perhaps particularly Grandparents may not have access to a laptop or a USB ready television. We will still have the capability to produce DVD’s if needed. These however would be charged at £5 per DVD in order to cover the cost of production and postage.

Can I have multiple copies of the USB?

As standard within our package, we will be offering 1x branded USB stick per couple, which would be contained within it’s own luxury packaging.

Just as we mentioned in the advantages of having USB delivery, it is possible for you to copy your USB files to any other USB stick or computer, so you shouldn’t necessarily need to have more than one USB stick provided by us. However if you wished to have more than one branded USB stick + the luxury packaging, these would be charged at £30 each.

What is Online delivery?

In addition to our USB delivery, we also offer online delivery of wedding films to all our couples as standard. This means that we host your full film and highlight trailer online, with a password on it that presents itself in the style of a DVD menu and is completely personalised to you.

The great advantages of online delivery are that it can be accessed anywhere in the world. So if you have family or friends in other countries, they can literally take the URL and password from you and watch the film themselves wherever they are. Which of course saves you posting out USB’s/DVD’s all over the place!

Another advantage is that you can also download your film online, meaning that it can be saved to your computer and stored for many years to come, completely safe. We would fully recommend this to all our couples.

Don’t panic!

If you have any questions about any of the above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

We take all feedback on board and are more than willing to listen to any concerns you may have. However, trust us, this is definitely a change for the better and allows us to give you, our clients, the absolute best possible wedding videography experience.

Have a great day!

Chris + The Team.

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