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Paul + Jamie-Lee’s, Eaves Hall Wedding – Clitheroe

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This week see’s the ‘Reel Wedding’ introduction of Jamie-Lee and Paul, who were such a lovely couple to work with. They were married at the fabulous Eaves Hall in Clitheroe, Lancashire and it was a fantastic day all round and a great venue to provide wedding videography at.

It was great to also work again alongside our good friend Nick English, of Nick English Photography, who has captured some absolutely stunning shot’s of the day. See his photo’s from the day here: Click here

Was also nice to see Flossy and Leigh again doing makeup, which they always absolutely nail it, Jamie-Lee looked fantastic. Well done Ladies!

Here is Paul and Jamie-Lee’s story…

The Brides Fashion & accessories –

Women always tell you when you mention wedding dress shopping ‘try on every dress style possible, as you’ll go for a dress you never imagined you would’. This couldn’t have been truer. My Mother lives in Ireland and I live in Blackburn. The Christmas Paul proposed I suggested to my Mum that we went dress shopping when I went home for the Christmas period because, I wanted my Mum to be the first person to see me in a bridal gown. It’s a very special moment for a mother and daughter! I had no intentions of actually finding a dress.

So we arrive at the boutique in Ireland and I try on all of the dress styles I had originally wanted (a fitted fishtail style gown), until my Mother spots a dress on a mannequin. This dress looked huge, everything I didn’t want in a gown!! I remembered the advice so many ladies had given me about trying on dresses, even the ones that didn’t look up to much, and so I tried it on just for peace sake. I left this gown last to try on as I really wasn’t that interested in it, but when I finally did try it on, words cannot describe that moment of happiness. I knew instantly it was the dress as my Mum started sobbing. I felt like a princess and I did not want to take it off.

I was devastated when I was told that the dress I had fallen in love with wasn’t actually even on sale yet. I started panicking and looking up boutiques back in Lancashire that sold Ronald Joyce gowns, which was when I found Orchid Designs. I went into the shop and explained how I had found this dress and asked if they had it. Expectably, they didn’t have it in and actually hadn’t even seen this new design yet. They too fell in love with it. Liz and her team were amazing, they took my details and contacted me when the new designs had been released, and so I went in immediately and ordered my dress.

The Grooms Fashion & accessories

This was probably the only thing Paul wanted any involvement with. Paul always knew he wanted to be different to his groomsmen – it suited his personality. He’s a unique character! Paul fell in love with a pocket watch, that’s right, that’s what sold him his suit! Paul always knew he would wear a navy suit but when he saw this particular navy suit at Whitefield and Wards with a pocket watch, well that was it! We put the groomsmen in a dark navy suit and we settled on a light sky grey coloured tie as it was neutral.

The Venue

Where do I start?! I always knew that I wanted something different as our reception. We didn’t want the typical hotel reception, we wanted something unique, something which reflected our personalities. I remember very clearly, one day on a very dark evening, I went up with a friend to view Eaves Hall and instantaneously fell in love with it! From the moment the house came into my view I knew this was it, this was the place I wanted to get married. It was so majestic and very private. It had spectacular picturesque gardens and décor, from the great chandelier in the hallway to the staircase and woodwork. Everything about this venue was remarkable. What sold it to me even more was the friendliness and professionalism of the staff there.

Colour Scheme/Décor

For our colour scheme and flowers I knew I wanted something neutral but that also made a statement, and yet nothing too over the top. This was hard to settle on. I had always sworn I would never have pink as my colour scheme – I hated pink!! However, I had already decided on the style of bridesmaid dresses I wanted. I wanted a cowl back. Which I found but, the only neutral colour they had in this style was, as my luck would have it, a pale pink. This decided my style of flowers. I opted for a soft bouquet of white and very pale blush pink flowers. I wanted all of the bouquets to look soft and delicate. Once these things had been decided on, I knew our theme was already steering towards vintage. I then came across Christa from Beautifully Vintage, she specialised in vintage décor and knew exactly what I was after just by talking to me. She was amazing, she was like my own fairy Godmother!

Entertainment (day & evening)

We wanted our guests to let their hair down during the day and relax – have a laugh, be silly! We thought giant games on the lawn for the kids and the adults too would be perfect, accompanied with food and beer of course. Moving into the evening do we wanted a party! What better way to get people into the party mood than to have a photobooth and a pick’n’mix stand and a live Irish band.

Photographer & Videographer

Paul and I found both our Videographer (Perfect Moment Films) and Photographer (Nick English) on the same night. We stumbled across them by accident when we were viewing another venue. The night we were viewing, there was a wedding on. We caught a glimpse of the four of them wandering around taking shots from all sorts of angles. I asked Paul to go and ask for their web addresses. We looked up Perfect Moment Films straight away and their work was mesmeric, likewise with Nick English. Unfortunately, the piece of paper we had wrote the web address for Perfect Moments Films on got lost. I spent two months trying to find them again, until I recalled Nick knew them. After securing Nick, I asked him about the videographers he was working with that night and I finally got their web address. I must have watched every trailer twice and cried each time, some even three times! It was like they were telling a different fairy tale in every trailer. I couldn’t wait to have my very own fairy tale!

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