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The Coronavirus: Why now more than ever you should consider having your wedding filmed

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I’m sure by now you will have more than heard all about the Coronavirus (Covid-19 as it’s also known) as it becomes more and more impactful to the world. With many couples due to get married over the upcoming summer months, it’s really no surprise that there is an element of worry about how not only the virus could affect your wedding day, but also your immediate social circles. Before I venture further into this blog post, i’d first like to point couples in the direction of two great posts that tackle the subject of the virus and it’s possible effects on your wedding day. The first HERE, is by the UK Alliance of wedding planners and the second HERE is a post on the wedding website Hitched. Both are extremely informative and hopefully will help to ease any concerns you may have regarding your wedding day.

The Coronavirus

So, onto the real reason for this blog post and it’s something we’ve dabbled with sharing, as in amongst this pandemic, the last thing we (or any other videographer for that matter) would want to come across as, is ‘opportunistic’. However saying that, amongst all this chaos it is I feel our duty to highlight especially now more than ever, just how important it can be to have your wedding day filmed.

As the spread of the Coronavirus heightens, Governments across the globe are beginning to introduce tough measures for ‘crowd control’ by limiting the number of large gatherings that can take place both indoor and outside. Countries such as France, Denmark, Ireland and even Scotland have introduced restrictions on gatherings, with some not allowing any more than 500 people at a time and particularly in Ireland’s case, more than 100. The UK is yet to follow suit, but you can’t help feel it is not beyond a possibility in the upcoming weeks and months. Those that are particularly vulnerable are the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions.

The other restrictive consequence of the virus is travel bans. Italy for example, as one of the worst affected countries, has imposed a complete ban on travel, meaning if any wedding guests were due to travel to and from the UK in the immediate future, this would not be possible. Similarly if guests had managed to travel to the UK before any bans were imposed (and had travelled from badly hit countries) they are expected to self isolate for a minimum of 14 days.

So what does this mean for UK weddings?

Well, if the proposals do come into effect, the main consideration would have to be the scaling down of weddings. Those who originally had guest numbers of say 120-150, would now need to try and reduce those numbers in order to align with the Governments’ requests. This would of course result in certain guests missing the wedding day, who otherwise would have been (and wanted to have been) there.

The second consideration is for those travelling from abroad. As mentioned, with some countries beginning to impose travel bans and the possibility of the UK one day following suit, it could mean that certain guests would be unable to make it to the wedding. Those travelling from the worst hit areas also (or showing any sort of symptoms) would also have to self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days, which could result in them missing the day.

Lastly, the third consideration would have to be the attendance of elderly guests. The WHO (World Health Organisation) has indicated that one of the worst to be hit by the disease is the elderly, so serious consideration would have to be taken as to whether these guests should attend the day – even if none of your other guests are showing any symptoms.

So how can having your wedding filmed help?

In regular times, a wedding film is a stunning way of how to remember one of the best days of your lives. It is a medium that can help you re-live all of those precious, emotional (and fun!) moments like no other can.

In light of the Coronavirus, having a wedding film now, could be more important than ever in helping to show your wedding guests that were unable to make your wedding, just what took place on the day. Many companies offer a full day package that covers all the essentials of the day, from the bridal preparations through to the evening reception.

Alongside this, films are often edited into a narrative driven ‘storytelling’ format, which really helps to tell the story of your wedding day for not only you, but also for those who were unable to attend. For Grandparent’s especially, this could really make their day after the potentially unfortunate cancellation of their attendance.

Josh + Jenni’s Wedding day at the Four Seasons Hotel, Hampshire.

Andrew + Kate’s Loseley Park Wedding

A wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and having a wedding film is a fantastic way to reflect this. The Coronavirus, of course is not ideal, not by any stretch of the imagination. However IF some tough measures have to be made by our Government and as such, result in the non-attendance of guests, then I really hope this blog post can (even if just a little) help you feel a little more assured that there are options out there that may be able to soften the blow.

Take care and please keep washing those hands!

Chris + the team x

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