Destination Wedding Videography

For many couples these days, the option of an overseas destination wedding is becoming more and more popular. The attraction of Sun, Sea and Sand (or Snow!) is a big must for some couples and to couple that with many beautiful venues that possess large amounts of history and culture, make the idea of an overseas wedding the ultimate request.

The most popular overseas wedding destinations for couples based in the UK are within the countries of France, Italy, Spain and Greece. If it’s not a Tuscan based wedding in Italy, then it’s either a sunset filled beach wedding in Ibiza or a beautiful ocean view wedding in Santorini.

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The Greek Islands and Greece’s mainland have some amazing wedding locations for couples marrying from the UK. If you get married on one of the Greek Islands you can choose from stunning beachside locations, with beautiful backdrops and amazingly gorgeous sunsets too. A Greece wedding offers you a very relaxed and informal setting whilst still within traditional Greek surroundings.

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France - Chateau Wedding